One Third of the Nation's Banks Use an Overdraft Control Program

Overdraft Control is an International Company that helps Retail Banking Customers Maintain their banking privileges. In 2016 U.S. banks made over $30 Billion in Overdraft Fees. Overdraft Control customers generated 5% more revenue.   

Overdraft Services

Overdraft Reminders
Overdraft Reminders

Many banking institutions are performing due diligence with every overdraft customer; sending timely notices and making calls to bring accounts up to date. We understand these actions are completed internally to maintain banking customers. At 45-60 days overdrawn many financial institutions submit accounts to ChexSytems. Overdraft Control is an alternative to ChexSystems and retains 55% more banking customers in 60 days.

Overdraft Collections
Overdraft Collections

A suspended bank account due to outstanding overdraft charges is forwarded to a team of experienced overdraft recovery professionals. We contact your customer and work out an arrangement to pay the balance in full for 30 days.

Online Payment System
Online Payment System

When your accounts are forwarded to Overdraft Control we provide ISO & PCI compliant Payment Portals in your banks name. Banking customers can login and schedule payments until their account is up-to-date.  


1,000,000 Accounts Saved

OC has saved over one million accounts

32 Overdraft Programs

OC has provided Overdraft Programs for 32 Banks

$500m Collected

OC has recovered over $500 million for banks since 2006

28 + Years

28 years experience in Overdraft Collections

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