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Overdraft Control is a group who has been serving creditors in accounts receivable management since the 1960's, it's only since 1994 we came to understand the value in retaining banking customers and made overdraft's our focus. Overdraft Control and Vinton Moss have built more than 64 collection companies in the last 13 years. NCC Business Services, LLC (NCC) has provided collection services for companies such as General Electric, Citi, and Chase Bank. Together we are 125 collection professionals and 24 years recovering Overdraft fees. We manage over $1 Billion in revenue each year. Overdraft Control’s primary goal is to retain your checking customers. We deliver extraordinary results from consistent communication with your customer before and after the account is closed. While we educate your customers about their obligations to your financial institution, we remain focused on maintaining a positive relationship with your institution.

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